lollipopsandwhisky: (Staring at the sun)
lollipopsandwhisky ([personal profile] lollipopsandwhisky) wrote in [personal profile] darrynmiquiztli 2016-10-13 09:02 pm (UTC)

Oh fuckin' christ- Please Sol, do dat fer me... [ He shifted on the bed as he tried so hard not to think about it too much. Hell he almost wanted to go back right then if it meant he could be close to Darryn like that.

Gabe didn't mean to, and Gods he did bite his tongue, but he choked out a very, very needy whine at Darryn's little suggestion
] Dun't fuckin' book it, just turn up- 'Ad mer dan 'appily ram yer against t'door Sol.

[ He was wondering if Darryn knew his little voyeurism kink then or if he was just so fucking lucky to have someone like him ] Wot crowded place Sol? Yer need t'be out t'ouse t'do dat!

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