lollipopsandwhisky: (Staring at the sun)
lollipopsandwhisky ([personal profile] lollipopsandwhisky) wrote in [personal profile] darrynmiquiztli 2016-10-13 08:00 pm (UTC)

[ Gabe knows better than to turn his phone on speaking in that house- Someone will walk in ] Well i promise t'growl only fer you sol, any time yer want me t'...

I 'now i 'now, Am still learning all dat. But i guess next time if yer want me t'fuck yer i will [ He couldn't help but shift his hips, trying to ignore everything going on below his belt. So much so he just of shoved one of his pillows over his crotch to ignore it more ]

If dats t'case den maybe i shuld stop worrin' so mooch, treat yer a lil'rougher sumtimes? [ As much as he loved giving Darryn all the love and making sure he knew that he was the single most precious thing in the world, he could be rough, if his Sunshine wished so ]

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