darrynmiquiztli: (This heart on my sleeve)
Darryn Miquiztli ([personal profile] darrynmiquiztli) wrote 2016-10-13 07:48 pm (UTC)

[Darryn grins and bites his lip. Oh man, he does love that.] Too hot, Irish.

You know, fucking someone is pretty much the most personal you can be. I mean you're usually naked and inside someone. [Darryn moves his phone, going to turn it to speaker so he can stop holding it on his ear and just have it nearby.]

And don't get me wrong Irish, it turns me to absolute putty when you're sweet to me and treat me like I'm literally the most precious thing on earth... but around the third orgasm, I pretty much just want you to slam me so hard I forget my own name.

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