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[The sound of his phone cut through his sleep, making Darryn groan and force his head into the nearest pillow. It wasn't an alarm though, a phone call. He blindly reached for his phone, squinting at the read out before he answered.]

It's early. [He didn't actually know if it was early or not, but Gabe was going to get the whine anyway.]
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[ Gabe coudln't help but smile at his stupid Sol's whiney moment, half chuckling down the phone ]

Nowt really. An a 'ello would go far Sol! [ He snorted, half rolling on his own bed at home- It was an odd feeling knowing how comfortable his whole life was with Darryn in it. Now he was away, it felt... blank almost ] I missed yer sunshine.
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T'sun is up! Luk outside yer lazy bugger! [ He shook his head, smiling like Darryn could see him ]

Oh rite, if yer gonna be a grump i'll leave yer t'yer sleep shall i? 'Ere i just wanted t'say hiya and see 'ow yer were doin!
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Okay sunshine, we'll all wait fer yer t'git yer arse up [ He rolled his eyes, sort of flopping onto his side ]

I wish... I fink i got a fer mer days den i can cum 'ome t yer. I'm mer dan happy t'tell yer i miss yer face, yer smile... 'Ow warm yer are...
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Et is cold... erryfings cold w'out yer Sol...

[ He burst out laughing at the idea of Darryn putting his arse in the air to stop him being romantic. Something about the mental image just tickled him ] Why t'fuck wuld yer do dat!

Oh harhar, i called t'ear yer voice. I used t'call yer all t'time remember? Just so yer culd tell me stories, or sing at me?
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First thing in t'mornin' and dats wot yer finking of! Darryn yer shuld be ashamed mate! [ He grinned, glad they could finally play together a little more.

Though he half cooed at Darryn, making a little bit of an affectionate noise before he spoke
] I luved et! An i still luv yer making words at me! I sorta miss yer callin' me at night t'tell me stories, like i needed yer t'elp me sleep.
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[ Gabe groaned, rubbing his face a little ] For feck sake, i blame yer fer dat! Ave nowt 'as dat problem bein' 'ere!

Make words at me now, an later. In fact, just talk't me all day. i miss yer far too much sol...
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Yer are just sexy though.... [ He groaned just a touch, sort of rubbing his face against the phone ]

Naw, Olly's out t'day? How cum....?
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[ Gabe growled at Darryn, sort of frowning at his ceiling like if he did it hard enough, Darryn would feel it ] Yer a wee shite sol... Et's first fing in t'mornin', are yer really tryin t'do dis t'me?!
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Oh if yer want me t'growl at yer more i feckin will Sol! [ He growled again, just to prove his point. ]

I don't like t'word fuckin' is all, seems real impersonal t'me. I like t'idea o'makin luv t'yer, even tho' et can get raver rough sumtimes
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[ Gabe knows better than to turn his phone on speaking in that house- Someone will walk in ] Well i promise t'growl only fer you sol, any time yer want me t'...

I 'now i 'now, Am still learning all dat. But i guess next time if yer want me t'fuck yer i will [ He couldn't help but shift his hips, trying to ignore everything going on below his belt. So much so he just of shoved one of his pillows over his crotch to ignore it more ]

If dats t'case den maybe i shuld stop worrin' so mooch, treat yer a lil'rougher sumtimes? [ As much as he loved giving Darryn all the love and making sure he knew that he was the single most precious thing in the world, he could be rough, if his Sunshine wished so ]
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[ Gabe had to grin then, sort of shaking his head before he spoke ] Dun't promise wot yer canny take Darryn. I may just d'yer like dat one day and yer'll be sorree den!

[ He had to let his mind wander then, if Darryn had been thinking about being fucked hard, what else had the boy been daydreaming about-] I just relised, yer said yer 'developed a fantasy'? Wot else 'ave yer been fantasisin' 'bout?
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[ Gabe chuckled, nodding to himself ] Am gonna, as soon as i git back. I promise yer dat one.

Oh har har yer wee shite [ He knew by now Darryn was playing, but he wanted to play too.

Sadly that ended damned quick, Darryn's little comment drawing a long throaty groan out of Gabe
] Oh god Sol... I'd fuckin' let yer.

[ Well now he couldn't ignore the problems Darryn was giving him, as much as he wanted too ]
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Oh fuckin' christ- Please Sol, do dat fer me... [ He shifted on the bed as he tried so hard not to think about it too much. Hell he almost wanted to go back right then if it meant he could be close to Darryn like that.

Gabe didn't mean to, and Gods he did bite his tongue, but he choked out a very, very needy whine at Darryn's little suggestion
] Dun't fuckin' book it, just turn up- 'Ad mer dan 'appily ram yer against t'door Sol.

[ He was wondering if Darryn knew his little voyeurism kink then or if he was just so fucking lucky to have someone like him ] Wot crowded place Sol? Yer need t'be out t'ouse t'do dat!
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I still wanna make luv t'yer sumtimes, just maybe nowt all t'time [ He grinned, knowing how smug Darryn was. He didn't need to be near him or use his powers to know that ]

Fuck- Yer got me der luv. But erryone 'nows yer der and might 'now yer "am 'bout t'do summit bad" face? Maybe sumwere different, summer new! [ he thought it might be fun, somewhere new, different and not knowing all the places to hide- He sort of threw his pillow away, trying to calm himself down, even with Darryn being so fucking sexy ]

Go on- Wot now?
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[ Gabe moaned himself then, giving up on restraint as he pushed his own pants down, more than happily wrapping his hand around his own cock ] Jesus Darryn, yer've 'ad me 'ard fer a while now. I didn't wanna bring et up tho-

[ He stopped dead as he thought of it, getting to see Darryn then. He wasn't sure if it would be torture or not, getting to see his handsome face, hearing his voice too- ] If yer wanna, ad luv t'see yer face again Sol.
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Both- [ He struggled for a moment, getting his phone stood up on his bed side, flicking the video-call on. He was kind of shy then, it had been a while since he saw Darryn after all.

It took a few seconds for the video to show up, Gabe giving Darryn a small wave, even if he was laying there with his dick out-
] Hey sol... I missed yer...
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[ Gabe, very openly, stroked up his own cock as he watched the video pan down Darryn. God whatever he did in a previous life to deserve that, he was fucking glad of it ]

Christ, please keep et on Sol... Cant I luk at yer for a bit longer? [ He'd keep him there all day if he had a chance ] Please Sol... Please-
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[ Gabe thought for a second before a cheeky smile spread across his face. He flicked his eyes up at Darryn, giving him a wink as he kept running his hand barely up his own dick. At least he was being open about it ] No... I want yer ready like, but nowt in me room.

'Ows in me office sound t'yer? Start tickin' sum stuff off our list?
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[ He just about purred then, shifting his own hips towards his hand ] Gud boy Darryn. Yer gonna wait fer me wiv yer arse in t'air?

Fuck yer, like i wanna, like yer want me t', rite?

[ He had never expected a phone call to lead to something like that, then again that was the first time they'd been intimate enough to do so ]
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[ He was having far too much fun with that, it was nice though, being so honest and open with Darryn. Even if it was about mostly sex ]

Fuckin' call me, git me 'ard fer yer befer i even git der. Nowt t'say i won't be finking o'et t'whole time am driving 'ome. [ He shifted himself onto his stomach like Darryn was, moving his phone to sort of face and look at Darryn a little better. He wanted- No, he needed to see more of him ]
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Olly aint cumin' 'ome wiv me dis time- he's stayin' a week longer [ Which would be a godsend. He loved his brother but for fuck sake he wanted time alone ] Yer culd do dat too, leave me a surprise.

[ He wanted to make a snarky comment, but an accidental thrust of his cock against the bed drew a throaty moan ut of him ] Fuck... Guess again luv~
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[ Gabe would have shown Darryn him jerking himself off if he knew Darryn wanted to see, but he had no idea then.

He groaned, nodding a little
] Yer are sexy, yer got dat rite Sol...

Heh, dat wuld be good. Et's Passwerd.... I kept forgettin' et so i changed et. [ He knew it was stupid but he was after all ]
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I dunno, keep me i'ope! [ He chuckled, only to have it turn into a groan as he pulled his hand down his own cock.

His eyes flicked over the image of Darryn on his phone, lingering on the sight of his cock for a moment before he noticed Darryn's wandering hand. Well fucking god why was that so hot-
] God Sol, i wish yer were 'ere....
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[ Gabe very audibly whined watching Darryn enjoy his own body- He wanted to do that, he wanted his hand pressing fingertip bruises into his skin, He wanted to dig his nails into Darryn's hips to leave his mark there. God he wanted that and so much more...]

Et luks lonely Sol... Is der noffin yer can do 'bout dat? [ He growled, shifting to lay on his side, propping himself up on one elbow to keep his head up enough to watch Darryn. His eyes never left the boy as he removed his hand from his cock, moving it up to his own mouth to slowly lick up his palm and fingers, coating his hand in saliva before returning it to his dick. He wanted to feel like maybe,even just a little, Darryn was sucking his cock ]
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[ Gabe groaned, squeezing his own cock at the base as his eyes fixed on Darryn's finger show. God he wanted that so much, he wanted to pull Darryn's head down onto his dick, stop him breathing for a moment just to hear that gasp for air once he let him go...

He chuckled at Darryn, still shamelessly working his hand over his own cock
] Oi, me own stupid boyfriends in a mantion miles away fr'm me!

If 'e culd only light travel....rite?
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I'll turn a feckin' light on! [ He grunted, looking fairly desperate then. He really couldn't cope not having Darryn there, more so when he realised they had a choice!

He almost pawed at the phone, whining to Darryn
] Cum 'ere... Now. An i promise yer i'll cum 'ome wiv yer t'morro
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'E aint got a fuckin' choice, Now 'urry up! [ He smirked before getting up and flicking his rooms light on.

He knew better than to be that excited but god almighty he was. It had been a while since he felt like he needed Darryn that much, he needed to bathe in his sunshine again
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[ Gabe wasted no time securing his grip on Darryn, one hand moving to hold the back of Darryn's head while the other grabbed at his ass. He groaned as he moved his head to the blonde's shoulder, running his nose over his skin, taking in the warm scent on him before kissing up his neck ]

I missed yer so much Sol, Fuckin' christ i did [ He spoke against his skin, both his hands scratching the skin they were on as he pulled his teeth across Darryn's shoulder, sucking at his skin before he tried leading them to bed ]
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[ Gabe growled as he just about tossed Darryn onto the bed, sauntering over to the boy as he grinned ] Give yer wot Sol? Wot d'yer want from me?

[ He stopped at the side of the bed, his eyes raking over every inch of Darryn. He'd never really had a chance to look over Darryn like that, so he was going to take his sweet time taking the sight in.

He hummed a little, resting his hands on his own hips, giving Darryn the smile he only gave him. That small personal smile that said 'i adore you and i will happily give you my soul'.
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[ Gabe chuckled, still looking over Darryn ] Do yer now? Well wot yer gonna do t'git me?

[ Sure he was excited to be close to Darryn, but this was kind of fun too. He knew that it wouldn't be long till Darryn got desperate, and that's kind of what he wanted, him to be a touch needier before they really got close ]
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Dun't yer fuckin' dare! [ He growled down at Darryn, taking a risk as he leant down, grabbing Darryn's hands and pinning them down as he using his own body to pin the boy down ]

Wuld yer really do dat t'me? Go out in t'werld an fuck sumone else? Wuld yer really be a bad lad an do dat t'me~? [ He ran his nose up along Darryn's neck, breathing deep before giving him a rather hard bite. If Darryn was going to leave, he was going to make sure he did that with marks all over his skin, so everyone knew just who he belonged too ]
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[ Gabe chuckled at Darryn's reaction, that wasn't what he was expecting at all. He grinned against the blonde's neck, licking over the bite before he leant up, looking down at Darryn like he was ready to rip the boy apart ] Oh now yer gettin' demandin' aint yer?

Yer where just talkin' 'bout leavin', now yer got t'audacity t'demand fings from me. 'Ow about yer ask nicely, like a gud boy? [ He knew he was getting cocky, but that really was Darryn's fault ] So Sol, Yer gonna be gud now?
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[ God damn it all, Darryn was going to be the death of him, and he knew it.

He growled as he finally let go of Darryn's wrists, moving his hands softly down Darryn's arms, across his shoulders, down his chest, stomach, stopping to dig his thumbs into the front of Darryn's hips as his fingers curled around the rest of the boy's hips.

He gave Darryn a quick half smile as he used his new grip to pull Darryn down the bed, pushing his hips forward between Darryn's legs. If that's what he wanted, that's what he was going to get...

He groaned as he pressed his own cock up, rolling his own hips to show Darryn just how much he wanted him too. He was getting fairly desperate then too
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[ Gabe growled as he drank in the sight of Darryn desperately begging, all his sounds, panting and twitching just sent a shot right to his own cock, groaning as he pressed himself up towards Darryn's ass again.

He needed to pull it together before he did something he would later regret... He chuckled at Darryn's begging, digging all his nails into the skin around Darryn's hips as he barely tilted his head at the boy
] So wot if i told yer nowt t'cum? Dat if yer did 'ad 'ave t'tie yer up an leave yer der? Wot if i said yer canny cum till i say so?

[ He hummed in thought, dragging his right hand up from Darryn's hips to wrap around the blonde's cock, stroking up slowly ] Wuld yer still cum if i said nowt to?
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At least yer 'onest Sol [ He pressed his own hips forward, shifting to press his cock up against Darryn's as he opened his right hand. Once he was satisfied with where he was, he wrapped his hand back around them, rocking up into his hand ]

A'd never tell yer nowt t'cum. So cum fer me Sol. [ He smiled, keeping his eyes on Darryn's face. He wanted to watch that moment pass over his face, see him flitter away with pleasure for that moment. And most of all, know he caused it ]
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[ He was more than happy to do as Darryn wanted, placing one knee on the bed as he leant down to kiss him, dragging his tongue across the boy's lower lip to try and entice him to open his mouth for him.

The shift in position made it so much easier to squeeze their cocks together, trusting his own dick up as he kept working his hand over the both of them. As he pulled his hand up over their cocks, he thrust up, dragging his dick down over Darryn's as he pulled down. He kept up his movements, keeping them slow and steady till Darryn started begging for more.
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[ Gabe never wanted to be far from Darryn, the world seemed so dull without him, and it only made sense when he was close. It didn't take long for Gabe to growl at Darryn again, having to chase his tongue wasn't something Gabe wanted to do just then. As soon as he had the chance he gave Darryn's lower lip a harder than he meant to nip, as if to punish him for not kissing him right away.

He didn't mean to flare annoyance at Darryn, but he couldn't help it when the boy was misbehaving. He dug the nails of his left hand into the skin of Darryn's hip as he pushed his own tongue into Darryn's mouth. He groaned as he rolled his tongue over Darryn's, doing as his sunshine wished as he speed up the pace of his hand and thrusting, happy to see Darryn joining in the fun
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[ Gabe shuddered at the slight burning pain left by Darryn's nails, but god it was good. He moaned into Darryn's mouth, wishing there was more of himself to give to Darryn, some way to keep every inch of skin on him.

He didn't flinch at the hand on his ass, seeming to actually enjoy the contact. He couldn't really move though, between the legs around him, the hand on his arse and the Sun below him, all he could do was moan at the boy and give their cocks another squeeze.

He needed to give more of himself to Darryn, he needed to hear the boy scream his name out, he needed to feel the warmth of his sunshine and he had no idea how to do that. There was only so much of him, and right then it wasn't enough
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[ Gabes head was so fogged up with need then, needing to feel every inch of Darryn, needing to be unable to catch his breath, needing to drink in the sunshine, needing to cum-

He groaned against Darryn, pressing his nose against Darryn's before letting out a rather needy whine of his own. He wanted to do so much to Darryn but he couldn't work out how to do any of it
] Tell me wot t'do Sol, tell me 'ow we can be closer- Darryn i need yer t'tell me wot t'do...

[ He didn't mean to whine so much but he was so full of needing Darryn, he had no idea how to cope with it ]
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[ Gabe wanted nothing more than to be tangled like that together forever, but he had a feeling Darryn had something better to suggest.

He half whined as he moved his body from Darryn's, the cold of the real world feeling sharp enough to blister his skin- God's he just wanted to be back close to Darryn again. He took a rather slow breath as he rolled to be on his side, looking over at Darryn
] Wot now- And dun't take yer feckin time! T'werlds cold wivout yer Sol, i need yer back 'ere now!

[ Unbeknownst to Gabe, there was a demanding tone to his voice that he wasn't really aware he could do... Not yet anyway ]
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[ Gabe groaned far too loud as he came face to face with Darryn's dick- well this was something else. He nodded barely, trying to breathe lightly as not to tickle over the lad's erection ] Oh dis is perfect~

[ He noticed Darryn waited, but like fuck he was going to. He needed him, he couldn't wait any longer. He took a deep breath as he reached one of his hands up to scratch down the back of Darryn's thigh, the other making itself at home on his hip.

Once he had a grip of the sunshine, he leant forward, running his tongue up the length of Darryn's cock, trailing in little circles over the head. He just about moaned as he pressed a kiss against the tip of his dick, enjoying this new position

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[ Oh Gabe was more than happy to scratch at Darryn's skin more, digging his nails into the boy's flesh to hold his hips still. He had no idea Darryn could do so much to him, make him so needy and desperate.

He pulled his head back from Darryn's cock just barely, groaning loudly as his hips bucked forward towards all the good feelings Darryn was giving him- He had no idea how Darryn did it, but every touch was like a shot of electricity up his spine.
] Fuckin' christ Sol-

[ He moaned before he made the effort of shutting himself up. He took one long breath before he moved to roll his tongue over the head of Darryn's cock, placing one last soft kiss on the tip of it before finally moving it into his mouth.

He meant for his mouth to be busy, for it to stop him making noises but even sucking on Darryn's dick lightly drew a chesty growl from Gabe, his hands desperately clinging at his skin
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[ It was taking so much of Gabe's limited brain power to not just push his cock into Darryn's mouth, something about that wet warmth was so tempting to him, and it was hard to hold his body still.

In his own little effort not to just fuck Darryn's face, he whined as he used his hand on Darryn's ass to pull the blonde's cock further into his mouth- He ignored the pain in his throat as he put his effort into swollowing around the boys dick, his tongue pressing up against the hard flesh in his mouth to try and make space to breath.

But the less he breathed, the more he could focus on Darryn's own dick and not his own. Because God's knew he was ready to cum already
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[ Gabe resisted the urge to pull back off Darryn's cock, to try and get more breath, to moan as loud as he could at the feeling of Darryn's lips wrapped around his cock- God it was all almost too good.


The pain that the boys cock caused in his throat was enough to hold him on the edge of cumming, pulling needing whines and whimpers vibrating in his throat as he barely pulled his head back an inch before forcing his own head back down on the boy- He needed to keep his cock as deep in his throat as he could as to hold out for his sunshine. He needed to taste him again.

He had a brief moment of thought in his cloud of "Fucking christ i want to cum in his mouth. Fuck i just want to hold his head down on my dick and fuck his face" to remember he had a hand on Darryn's arse... He let his hand creep up barely, his fingers pressing lightly against Darryn's asshole. He knew he had no lube just then, but he had a feeling Darryn would throw him some once he realised that his hands were exploring his body against
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[ Once Gabe registered what Darryn's little moan meant, he pulled his own head back, taking a long gasping breath as he clawed at Darryn's skin ] Dun't stop Sol, please-

[ He whined, looking over at Darryn for a moment before he panted, pushing his head against Darryn's hip as he tried to find more words, more breath, more anything.

Sadly all he got was a moment of begging and whining 'please Sol' over and over till he gave up using his mouth for words, more than happily shutting himself up with Darryn's cock in his mouth again. Only this time he wasn't keeping the boy in his throat. He wanted a chance to taste the sunshine again, so he was sure to barely keep Darryn's dick in his mouth, rolling his tongue against the head of his dick, almost like he was begging for anything the boy could give him
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[ As much as being clawed at should have hurt, and should have made him pull back- He just moaned, loud and needy as he tried desperately to push his hips forward. Towards the pain, towards the warmth, towards cumming.

He honestly seemed to lose it when Darryn came, wrapping his arms around the boy's hips, moaning into the sensation of warmth dripping down his tongue as he gave the boy one last hard suck, trying to drag out every drop of pleasure he could get from his sunshine.

Maybe it was how needy he was, or maybe it was the fact he knew he didn't have to hold back, but Gabe finally had it in him to let go. He growled around the cock in his mouth, forcing himself off to throw his head back with a sharp moan as he came, his hips rolling forward with the pleasure Darryn's tongue, lips, warmth and wet gave him.

If that's what was going to happen every time he called Darryn, he was going to do it every fucking morning
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[ Gabe struggled for a moment to get his breath back, though it was shaken back into him as he was forced on to his back. He didn't mind though, just smiling at Darryn as he rubbed his hands over the boy's sides ] Hey, Sol.

[ He chuckled, shaking his head barely. Well that was certainly different. But he loved every damned moment of it ]
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[ Gabe groaned, wiggling his body under Darryn's as he watched the boy- Well fuck he knew how to get him going again.

He was far too happy to steal a kiss from his sunshine, his hands happily clinging to his back
] Uhh, der's sum in me top draw? 'Ow cum, wot yer up t'Sol?

[ He grinned, wiggling his own hips for once ]
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[ There was a moment after Darryn's words when a look of compleat shock washed over Gabe's face- That was something he hadn't been expecting...

After the shock wore off, he gave Darryn a rather big smile, nodding at him
] 'Am awful tired now Sol... Maybe yer shuld take over fer now?

[ He chuckled before sticking his tongue out at Darryn, using the closeness to draw it over Darryn's lips. Well this was going to be new ]
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Am really sure dat's t'reason i'm tired- nowt 'cause i just came 'ard [ He rolled his eyes at Darryn. He was something else... really he was.

He groaned under Darryn's little dots of affection, shifting his hips under the boy's body. He was a little nervous, but he was more than happy to experiment and learn, and he was more than confident in his ability to say 'no'

Yer need me t'do 'owt sol? Just tell me an' i'll do et [ He smiled to himself, knowing those words applied through his whole life for Darryn, not just in that moement ]
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[ Gabe took a slow rather measured breath as he moved his leg to where ever Darryn wanted to put him, reaching his own hand down to hold it in place for the blonde.

It needed to be said that he wanted to do this, he was just a little more than nervous to do so- It was his first time with that, minus the time's he played alone. He shook the thought away as he kept his eyes on Darryn, watching him ride his thigh like that was a good distraction from his nervous thoughts.
] T'usual? So call yer a wee shite?

[ He chuckled before biting his own bottom lip, holding it between his teeth as he kept his eyes on Darryn's face. That would keep him calm... For now anyway ]
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Oi, i gotta keep yer on yer toes Sol! [ He chuckled before almost jumping at the contact. He started chewing the inside of his cheek before he felt that push of resistance. He wanted to be okay and just be fine with everything, but he knew nerves and this being a first time would make things a little more difficult.

He sighed, telling himself to relax, Darryn was good, Darryn would never hurt him, Darryn couldn't hurt him and he knew it. Once he settled, the feeling of Darryn's finger in his arse wasn't that unsettling...
] Heh- 'Av i? Maybe yer gotta cum wive me 'ere erry time from now on den? Never 'av t'miss yer again! [ He barely smiled, pulling his thumb from Darryn's mouth, pressing it over his bottom lip before offering it up to suck again ]
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[ Gabe half chuckled, glad for the distraction though ] Git a new counsellor? Or jus'ask yer boyfriend t'take yer out? [ He grinned, watching Darryn's mouth, face, eyes- Everything he could take in, he was.

He shuddered barely, his body used to the idea of someone else's fingers in him rather than his own- He took a short breath before he nodded at Darryn, trying to let him know it was good to carry on, push him more.
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[ He had to snort at Darryn's comment, it was true, the boy hardly let him out of bed, he loved it though- ] Am sure 'e dun't mind yer keepin' 'im der!

[ He barely tensed up his leg beneath Darryn, trying to press his thigh up against his cock without moving too much.

Gabe would have been happy to make some sort of snarky comment back at Darryn, but that small touch sent a shot up his spine he'd never felt before, dragging a fairly loud moan from the man before he slammed his hands over his mouth, shooting Darryn a little glare. What the fuck was that?!
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[ Gabe opened his mouth to speak again, but sadly all he did was moan around his fingers. He groaned as he tensed his jaw, trying to keep his voice down and keep quiet.

If Oliver didn't know what was going on then, he was going to damned soon.

He barely whimpered at the kisses, his dick slowly twitching back to some sort of semi-hardness as Darryn carried on the assault on his body. Pleasurable as it was, it was so new for him
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[ Nervous- Nervous was something Gabe didn't expect to feel about tall of this. But given his lack of experience, he was a little.

He knew Darryn was good, and wouldn't ever do anything terrible to him.. He knew better but he still had his worries.

Yeh, show me wot yer can do Sol~ [ He chuckled, trying to ease his own nerves ]
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[ Gabe amost purred at Darryn's words, humming quietly as he reached over, rubbing one of his sunshines shoulders ]

I 'now yer do... an i luv yer Sol [ He smiled, keeping his eyes on Darryn's face for the moment. The less he thought about what was happening, the easier it was to relax.

He wanted to be closer to Darryn, wanted them to know every damned inch of eahother so that even apart they could feel closer. He half hummed to himself, trailing his hand down to tangle his fingers through Darryn's hair, pressing and rubbing against his scalp slowly.

Cum on Sol, am ready as am gonna be [ He barely chuckled, smiling still ]
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[ Heavy, full, tight- God it was a whirl of feelings as he felt Darryn's cock slid into him. He expected pain or something else, not this building tightness in his stomach that he really fucking liked-

He kept his eyes close, his head half turned against the pillows on his bed breathing deep and slowly before he nodded to Darryn
] Yer gud Sol, et's gud...

[ He sighed, being sure to keep his body relaxed. Not that there seemed to be any resistance from him- if anything this was far easier than he was ever expecting ]
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[ There were moments in his life he hadn't expected, but the pitch of the moan that left his body as Darryn's cock rolled against his prostate- It would be in his top moments, that was for sure.

His moan was followed by his usual groan, his teeth pressing into his bottom lip as he reached his arm up and over Darryn, his fingers finding their usual position between his shoulder blades to hold him to his world
] Fuckin' christ Sol-

[ His breath caught, his stomach tensing in effort not to move his hips against Darryn or disturb him in any way ]
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[ Of all the words in all the languages Gabe knew, every word in his mind, ever noise he could make to communicate to Darryn, there was only one that actually worked ]


[ He ended up moaning again- A noise so enjoyable but strange when coming out his own mouth. It would take some getting used to but god he was happy too. More so every time he felt that almost burning heat seeming to pull at the bottom of his spine.

Whatever was causing that, he liked it, and he wanted more.

Though since he had only one word then, the best way he could show Darryn he was doing more than just fine, he turned his head to the hollow of Darryn's neck, tracing his tongue across his collar bone in breathless moans before he moved up barely, biting down on the teeth marks he'd left on Darryn before
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[ Gabe expected being under Darryn to take some getting used to, take time to adjust to that shift, that terrifying intimacy and tangled fear in his gut- He thought it would stop him but that trust for Darryn seemed to hold it all back, push it away and replaced it with a need for Darryn he didn't know he had.

He knew he needed the boy but this was something else-

Words were lost by then, replaced with hard breaths and the odd syllable of his sunshines name. What he gained were moans against Darryn's skin, pitching into the hollow of his neck before his teeth found their home, his hands desperately grabbing at the boys back in some attempt to ground himself from the slow building orgasm crawling up from his legs.

Whatever Darryn was doing, he was doing it fucking right
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[ Sharp- Sharp wasn't a feeling he was expecting as he felt pressure shooting up his back. Sharp tugging at his toes to curl them into the air. Sharp shiver pulling his head back to groan and drown in the air of the room. Sharp building and building in his gut, pushing down till his head felt so numb he couldn't feel that sharp anymore ]

Darryn, Sol- Fuck. Can i cum? Please? I can't- fuckin' christ Sol, please-

[ His words stuck on a loop, begging and pleading, moaning and whining. His hands seemed to get lost then too, grabbing at Darryn, his arms, shoulders, back, down his arms, the sheets, back to his shoulders. His body not knowing how to react but to desperately roll against the hand holding his hips down, trying to buck against the pleasure ]
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[ It was the jerking that pushed Gabe over, burning white behind his eyes as his whole body contracted in. His head pushing against Darryn's shoulder, his hands cemented to the boy's shoulders.

He had one moment of peace, dragging in a long breath before he felt every nerve in his body fire at once, dragging hot and tension through him as he was driven to orgasm- Not as he was expecting.

He felt the slight mind numbing of cumming, the twitch, the muscle tension, the throb down his cock but that was all. He came dry- For the first time and it threw him through a loop more than being fucked did.

He kept himself wrapped around Darryn, needing that closeness, that intimacy as he came down from a high he wasn't used too, but at least he found his words

Is breá liom tú, i love you Sol.
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[ Gabe almost grumbled in appreciation, a semi-feral purr as he slowly wrapped his arms around Darryn, stroking fingers down his spine. He focused on finding his breath, steadying his heart and still ignoring fear tugging at the corners of his eyes.

He wanted to enjoy the afterglow, the joy and cuddles Darryn was giving him, so he did his best to push it down, lifting his head to kiss Darryn's forehead as he chuckled

I guess'd as mooch- I dun't fink yer'd do me like dat if yer didn't like me!
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[ Gabe sighed, his eyes held closed for a while as he kept petting down Darryn's back. His fingers barely dancing down his spine, twitching against any catch his own hands did, refusing to put any kind of tug against the boy.

He snorted to himself, smiling as he blindly reached up to stroke his fingers through Darryn's hair

Am gud, nowt 'urt at all. I'd tell yer if i 'urt- i am a wee bit sore now mind, but it aint dat bad. Are yer okay yerself Sol?
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[ It wasn't his intention to worry Darryn, not at all but something about being that vulnerable, that... small, sort of terrified him.

He shook his head, opening his eyes to look at Darryn.
] I dunno luv, sumwhere?

[ He sighed, lifting his head up to press his forehead against Darryn's, an innocent attempt to push all the love he had in him into his sunshine. ]