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[Log - Who's there?]

The room had no windows, which was unusual for anything that Darryn requested. From his Scintillian background he always wanted large windows, stained glass and generally set high into the ceilings or spanning the whole walls.

This room had not a single window though, but it was still light inside. Darryn had crafted a sun from his own light and power - just a small one, that would fit between his hands, but it lit the entire room and hung high in the ceiling.

It was also filled with sand that Darryn had crafted. Piles of it that filled every corner of the room, sometimes crawled as high as the ceiling. In the sand Darryn could use his magic, create a swirling vision of Phosphorumbra to look over, or more specific parts of the whole world.

He was doing that now, sat cross legged on the floor with a small swirling whirlwind of sand that showed him the city of Lamsence which he gazed at even while he heard the door behind him open.

"Something you need?" He asked, gesturing at the sand so that it took his view back, to take in Passiada state as a whole.
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[Gilbert - Two demi gods make a whole?]

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"It's just me dad. I wondered if you were hungry yet?" The gentle voice of Darryn's youngest son came to him fro the doorway. As the boy entered the room the place got a little brighter and Gil himself took on a new sort of shine he didn't have when he was elsewhere.

"You've not eaten since this morning."
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[Josh - Log]

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Josh shook his head. There wasn't anything he needed after all, he just wanted to say hello and maybe tell Darryn how his son's training was going.

The beautiful room was a little warm for his vamperic nature to stand comfortably, but he did not let that show at all. He stood perfectly still, his presence making barely any impact on the room at all. He was just a slight shadow on the otherwise golden sand.
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[Maurice - Log]

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"Just some paperwork for Thanatos." Maurice spoke softly, not really wanting to interrupt Darryn when he seemed so very busy. He had come by, in truth, to see the demi-god. Perhaps to have a chat and something to eat in his company? He didn't realise Darryn was working.

"I can leave it on his desk. I'm sorry to have disturbed you Darryn."
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[Some time in the future...]

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"No." Yorolaie stood somewhat awkwardly in the doorway. "Just... Visiting."