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[Log - Who's there?]

The room had no windows, which was unusual for anything that Darryn requested. From his Scintillian background he always wanted large windows, stained glass and generally set high into the ceilings or spanning the whole walls.

This room had not a single window though, but it was still light inside. Darryn had crafted a sun from his own light and power - just a small one, that would fit between his hands, but it lit the entire room and hung high in the ceiling.

It was also filled with sand that Darryn had crafted. Piles of it that filled every corner of the room, sometimes crawled as high as the ceiling. In the sand Darryn could use his magic, create a swirling vision of Phosphorumbra to look over, or more specific parts of the whole world.

He was doing that now, sat cross legged on the floor with a small swirling whirlwind of sand that showed him the city of Lamsence which he gazed at even while he heard the door behind him open.

"Something you need?" He asked, gesturing at the sand so that it took his view back, to take in Passiada state as a whole.
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"No need to apologies, Darryn-san." The seemingly young boy gave a meek smile, more with his eyes than lips. This was an expression that Darryn was already very used to reading from men like his husband who were less than emotive.

"Your room is very beautiful. I like to see." He bowed his head in respect.
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"Charon often does many things." Josh answered with his usual calmness and somewhat quirkiness he had acquired in his old age. He could not help but notice the dismissive nature in which Darryn spoke of his duties as a sun god. There was a deep well of secret pain there, Josh sensed.

"Today, I do not notice anything naughty." He chose his words careful as usual. Today he did not notice anything bad from Charon, but that did not mean he had not done something.
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Josh nodded, pleasantly rather than happily. He didn't express much emotion even then.

"He is learning very quickly." He told Darryn then. Praise and warning together.
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Josh's eyes widened slightly, but it seemed he was pleasantly surprised as he gave a grateful nod and gently moved to sit.
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Josh shook his head with a slight smile. As always, when he spoke it was very slowly, like someone tentatively stepping over some flowers.

"Iee. It is a great honour to be sensei to your son, and to Renaissance."
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Josh gave another slow nod, looking quite serious and pensive.

"Controlling high levels of power is a great responsibility." He paused for a long moment, seemingly meditating on something before he spoke again.

"I believe Charon-san will be all right."
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"Un." He nodded. "Training can be difficult on the body and mind. I will be especially observant with Charon-san, as my Seifu was for me long ago."
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"Hai." The dark haired boy nodded with another subtle smile. "She is showing many skills as well. As a team, they are well suited."