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[Log - Who's there?]

The room had no windows, which was unusual for anything that Darryn requested. From his Scintillian background he always wanted large windows, stained glass and generally set high into the ceilings or spanning the whole walls.

This room had not a single window though, but it was still light inside. Darryn had crafted a sun from his own light and power - just a small one, that would fit between his hands, but it lit the entire room and hung high in the ceiling.

It was also filled with sand that Darryn had crafted. Piles of it that filled every corner of the room, sometimes crawled as high as the ceiling. In the sand Darryn could use his magic, create a swirling vision of Phosphorumbra to look over, or more specific parts of the whole world.

He was doing that now, sat cross legged on the floor with a small swirling whirlwind of sand that showed him the city of Lamsence which he gazed at even while he heard the door behind him open.

"Something you need?" He asked, gesturing at the sand so that it took his view back, to take in Passiada state as a whole.
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[Gilbert - Two demi gods make a whole?]

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"It's just me dad. I wondered if you were hungry yet?" The gentle voice of Darryn's youngest son came to him fro the doorway. As the boy entered the room the place got a little brighter and Gil himself took on a new sort of shine he didn't have when he was elsewhere.

"You've not eaten since this morning."
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"I thought you'd say that." The boy giggled, producing a plate of cupcakes from behind his back excitedly.

"Cupcake break? I made all kinds."
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"Okay." Gil answered setting the cakes down. There were indeed ones of all colours and flavours and they smelt sweet and warm.

"It's quiet around the library today. Charon and Shini are both away, father and you are working so..."
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"I was a bit." Gilbert admitted. His daddy always knew him so well. "But now I'm with you, so if you don't mind?" His unfinished question implied that he might stay for a while, maybe even help Darryn where he could with his duties as a demi god of Phosphoreumbra.

Using magic he bought a cupcake over. It was dark chocolate brown wrapped in red paper and forested with cream icing and chocolate curls. He stuck his finger in the icing then held it up behind his head for Darryn.
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Gil didn't answer right away, sucking the icing off his finger and enjoying that icing sugar sweetness lighten him up inside.

"I don't know." He said with a sigh. "I'll be alive forever, so I probably will some day."
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"I know dad." Gilbert said softly. He did, he understood that about Darryn very well and worried about him often because of it.

He was also thinking of the short time he had left with his partner, but indeed he wasn't about to bring it up. The way it had been bought up last still left him very uncomfortable in his heart.

"When this part of my life is over, we'll see what happens next."
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Darryn would ave felt his son get heavier in his arms. He knew where this conversation was going an he didn't like it. Of course, he wasn't one to exercise avoidance. If something needed to be said, it needed to be said, but like his fathers attitude to certain things, he didn't have to like it.

"I know it's okay to be sad, dad." He reassured his father. He did indeed know that, but he would rather be happy. His partner was going to die one day, that would not be a happy time. When he had chosen to spend a part of his life with Risen, he had hoped the two of them could determine the beginning and end, without things like death coming into it.
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"Dad," Gilbert stooped his father, trying to smile gently but finding it hard with tears moistening his eyes.

"Don't make me think about it until it happens. Please. I'm already helpless because I started this thing. Don't make me think about the end."
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Gilbert hugged back, contented to just be sad on his father for a while. He had spent a good five hundred years with Rizen. The Wolf was not going to live forever, but Gil would stay with him until his end regardless.

"Love you, Dad."
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"Yeah!" Gil perked up. He had daddy and cakes. It was all good. "Pass me a lemon one!"
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"You have to share, Dad, because you're a role model." Gil smiled, biting the cake and making a happy 'mmm' sound as he chewed the soft sponge.
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It's okay we can end if you want? It's just cuteness.

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"Well, if you ever have a child who is a picky eater we'll know it doesn't take after you."
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Nah XD Just daddy son time

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"No, I suppose not." Gil hummed. "He's wrong about sweets though. Totally utterly wrong."
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"People make allowances for each other, don't they dad?" Gil smiled. "I'm used to Rizen's possessive behaviour, and dad's... Even if it's uncalled for."
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[Josh - Log]

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Josh shook his head. There wasn't anything he needed after all, he just wanted to say hello and maybe tell Darryn how his son's training was going.

The beautiful room was a little warm for his vamperic nature to stand comfortably, but he did not let that show at all. He stood perfectly still, his presence making barely any impact on the room at all. He was just a slight shadow on the otherwise golden sand.
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"No need to apologies, Darryn-san." The seemingly young boy gave a meek smile, more with his eyes than lips. This was an expression that Darryn was already very used to reading from men like his husband who were less than emotive.

"Your room is very beautiful. I like to see." He bowed his head in respect.
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"Charon often does many things." Josh answered with his usual calmness and somewhat quirkiness he had acquired in his old age. He could not help but notice the dismissive nature in which Darryn spoke of his duties as a sun god. There was a deep well of secret pain there, Josh sensed.

"Today, I do not notice anything naughty." He chose his words careful as usual. Today he did not notice anything bad from Charon, but that did not mean he had not done something.
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Josh nodded, pleasantly rather than happily. He didn't express much emotion even then.

"He is learning very quickly." He told Darryn then. Praise and warning together.
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Josh's eyes widened slightly, but it seemed he was pleasantly surprised as he gave a grateful nod and gently moved to sit.
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Josh shook his head with a slight smile. As always, when he spoke it was very slowly, like someone tentatively stepping over some flowers.

"Iee. It is a great honour to be sensei to your son, and to Renaissance."
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Josh gave another slow nod, looking quite serious and pensive.

"Controlling high levels of power is a great responsibility." He paused for a long moment, seemingly meditating on something before he spoke again.

"I believe Charon-san will be all right."
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"Un." He nodded. "Training can be difficult on the body and mind. I will be especially observant with Charon-san, as my Seifu was for me long ago."
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"Hai." The dark haired boy nodded with another subtle smile. "She is showing many skills as well. As a team, they are well suited."
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[Maurice - Log]

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"Just some paperwork for Thanatos." Maurice spoke softly, not really wanting to interrupt Darryn when he seemed so very busy. He had come by, in truth, to see the demi-god. Perhaps to have a chat and something to eat in his company? He didn't realise Darryn was working.

"I can leave it on his desk. I'm sorry to have disturbed you Darryn."
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"I'm..." He began but then paused, closed his eyes, waited a moment then continued with new breath. "Things are a little complicated at the moment. How are you?"
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"It depends on how long you have." Maurice sighed, his smile wavering slightly. "You look busy."
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Maurice let out a small giggle, using the moment of closeness to wrap his arms around Darryn's neck and pull him into a hug. He held on just a little too long, hiding his face against the demi god's shoulder while he steadied his nerves.
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Maurice held on a little longer, taking another deep breath then pulling away and looking into Darryn's eyes, controlling himself.

"Sorry. I'm in one of those moods. Not quite a lock myself away mood but, more a sort of need a hug from a positive being mood."
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"Yes please," Maurice smiled. "and of course I came to you. You are a good friend."
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[Some time in the future...]

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"No." Yorolaie stood somewhat awkwardly in the doorway. "Just... Visiting."
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[Its so futuristic and later on and stuff...]

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"I don't like getting sand in my shoes." He commented. "If I come in, keep it away from me."
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[The time machine now runs on Mr Fusion]

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Yorolaie entered the room and stood in the patch of blank floor Darryn had made for him, wondering whether or not to sit down. It might have put him too low while Darryn was still elevated on the sand.

"Thanks." He commented, looking up at Darryn with dark eyes. "What are you doing?"
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"That's cool." The boy commented with the same flat tone his father often used. "Can you look at individual people?"
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Darryns tone made him change course slightly. He didn't want his father finding out about the girl he liked in Lamsense.

"Stygians too?" He asked. He was curious of that race, being that apparently he had inherited some of their tenancies.
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Yorolaie watched closely. He was quietly impressed, which Darryn could easily notice, being that he knew him well enough to interpret the hitch in his breath which translated to the smallest levels of awe.

"Is that a settlement?" He pointed to an array of buildings erected on the snowy mountainside.